My passport was issued over 12 months ago. Can you provide me with passport form DS-82?

You can access Form DS-82 by logging back into your account and updating your passport information. 
  1. Sign into your NewlyNamed account -
  2. In the account dashboard, under "Need to make a change to your kit?", click the link to update your information or visit
  3. Under "Additional Details", update your passport information accordingly
    1. If your passport is valid (unexpired) -> Select "No" for "Was your most recent passport issued less than 1 year ago?"
    2. If your passport has been expired for less than 5 years -> Select "Yes" for "Was your most recent passport issued more than 15 years ago?"
  4. You will be able to download an updated version of your name change kit which will include Form DS-82 after you click Save